Introducing: Streaks 🔥

By June 16, 2019 June 25th, 2019 Uncategorized

Today we’re excited to roll out Streaks, the newest feature in Lightdogs. Streaks is a simple but powerful way to motivate yourself to make a habit of unplugging. You may recognize the term from apps like Snapchat and Duolingo, and our Streaks work much the same. To grow your streak in Lightdogs, simply do at least one gen session each day. If you miss a day, your streak ends and you’ll have to start over. Here is a quick breakdown of the process:

1. No Streak

When you don’t have an active streak, your gen-timer looks like this.

2. Streak Fulfilled

When you do your first session of the day, you Streak flame will light up and the count will increment by one.

3. Streak Unfulfilled

If you have an active streak but haven’t done a gen session yet today, your Streak flame will be faded until you do. If you don’t do a session before the end of the day, your streak will end and your Streak flame will disappear.

That’s all there is to it! We hope you find Streaks useful.

Stay focused,
Team Lightdogs